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Class of 2019

Updates from the Class of 2019 (Winter 2017)

The second quarter seemed to fly by for the Junior class. They worked hard studying Shakespeare in English, learning about the Civil War in U.S. History, continuing their analytical math skills in Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Pre-Algebra, and much more.
The Junior students are anxious but excited to get the college process started and are looking forward to Mr. Huynh, the college counselor, coming into their advisories weekly. Through these sessions, the students will begin to learn about finding the right schools for them, ACT and SAT testing information, financial aid and scholarship options, and many other components that will help them transition to their Senior year.
The Junior teachers continue to be impressed with the students’ academic drive, pride in their work, and involvement in their education holistically.

Updates from the Class of 2019 (Fall 2017)

The Junior students are off to a great start. Several of them are ascending as leaders through various opportunities, such as Student Council, the Sophomore Retreat, National Honors Society, JSA, and much more. They are beginning to feel the pressure that comes with the start of your 3rd year of high school. The college process is near for them and they are taking notice of its presence.
They have already taken the practice ACT and will take the PSAT on October 25th. These scores will help guide the students in what area they more practice with in order to prepare for the real ACT and SAT in the Spring. Students shared that the highlight of Junior year so far has been draft day, getting to apply for National Honors Society, being treated like adults, and the challenging new classes. They are looking forward to the Junior retreat, winter sports, and other opportunities that will come up throughout the year.
Students feel that areas that they will have to work on are time management, being truly college-ready, balancing part-time jobs with school work, and overall effort in classes. They have already impressed their teachers as a unified class and community, and their teachers are looking forward to all the other accomplishments that still await them.