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Class of 2020

Updates from the Class of 2020 (Fall 2017)

Sophomore year is off to a superb start! Sophomores have higher expectations this year in terms of their independence, workload, behavior, and leadership within the school. Teachers are impressed with this group of students and have enjoyed getting to know them so far! Many students have opportunities to take higher-level honors or AP classes this year, which have proved to be challenging and rigorous. All students are taking
Spanish for the first time at Cristo Rey and our Heritage Spanish speakers have enjoyed helping out our non-native speakers with their vocabulary and fluency. The Professional Work-Study Program is off to a strong start for the Sophomore class as they continue to develop as young professionals
A handful of the sophomores are returning for the second year to their jobs while many others have started at a new job. Sophomores have also gotten involved in Student Council, clubs, and sports teams: cross country, soccer, and volleyball. This year, sophomores are looking forward to learning, growing, and continuing to prepare themselves for college.