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Class Of 2021

Updates from the Class of 2021 (Fall 2017)

The 9th grade students had a productive first quarter. In their core classes, students reviewed and extended their previous knowledge from middle school. In Algebra, students spent the first quarter working on cooperative learning skills and learning the basics of Algebra 1. In English, students worked on self-reflection and exploration through poetry, narrative writing and analytical thinking. In World History, students explored ancient civilizations through primary and secondary sources.
Students also learned about the characteristics of life, biochemistry, and ecology. In Visual Art, students were exposed to new mediums, sketching, and even a bit of art history. PE students began the year by testing their individual levels of fitness, and in Technology, students learned about coding and internet safety. In Theology, students explored God’s Revelation as well as an overview of the Old and New Testaments.
In Choir, students went through "Choir Bootcamp," and they are already preparing for our Christmas concert on December 8, 6:00pm at the State Auto Nativity Scene. Students also took an educational field trip to High Banks Metro Park and the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Please see the 9th grade newsletter for fun pictures from these events!