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Network News

Weinberg Foundation awards Cristo Rey Network $495,371 Gift

The Cristo Rey Network is pleased to announce a $495,371 gift from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. today to support the Cristo Rey Network Capital Projects Fund as well as general operations. More

Students of De La Salle North High School, a member school in Portland, awarded significant college scholarships

Portland, Oregon, February 13, 2012 — Students at De La Salle North Catholic High School, a college-prep high school for low-income students in north Portland, are beginning to reap the rewards of their community service, effort and longer hours put in both at school and at their corporate internship program jobs. As coveted college scholarships are beginning to be awarded in Portland and even nationally, De La Salle North students are repeatedly on the list. More

Liguorian Profiles Cristo Rey President and CEO Rob Birdsell

Q) What is the mission of the Cristo Rey Network and what benefits are evident from the organization? A) The Cristo Rey Network empowers thousands of students from underserved lower-income communities to develop their minds and hearts to become lifelong contributors to society. By providing students an extraordinary college-preparatory education and a unique four-year integrated corporate work-study experience, we seek to help transform urban America. More

Student of San Miguel High School, a member of the Cristo Rey Network in Tucson, juggles school, work and athletics

TUCSON – Maci Moreno is a very good basketball player. But like many students at San Miguel High School, she’s also an outstanding juggler, having to handle schoolwork, real work, along with athletics. More