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The School That Works

Cristo Rey Columbus High School’s Professional Work-Study Program is a proven business model designed to meet your entry-level employee needs and your bottom line. The Professional Work-Study Program (PWSP) is separately incorporated from the high school and provides employment services, saving you administrative overhead. Students are employees of the PWSP, not your company. That means the PWSP handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, FUTA and other aspects of employment associated with the student workers. The PWSP fee charged to your business can be deducted as a business expense, not a charitable donation.

The PWSP will provide you with a fee-for-service contract to be paid annually, tri-annually or monthly. These contract fees are applied directly toward the cost of the student’s education at Cristo Rey Columbus High School.

A team of 4 students fills the entry-level clerical functions of one full-time work-study position.  Each member of the student team will work one full day each week (approximately 7-8 hours per day) and an extra day every four weeks of the school year, excluding school holidays and days when the school is closed for other reasons.  The workday will be approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., although those times may vary depending on the needs of the business and the proximity of the business to the high school.  (Students may be available to work during school breaks if there is a mutual agreement with you, our PWSP Director and the student.) Here’s an example of a Cristo Rey Columbus PWSP schedule:

 A = Monday Worker     B= Tuesday Worker     C = Wednesday Worker     D = Thursday Worker


In addition to filling a work-study position, every Cristo Rey Columbus student takes a full course load of college preparatory classes. Our academic schedules are structured so that students are available to work without missing a class.

To equip students with the skills they need to succeed at their professional work-study positions, all incoming students must attend and satisfactorily complete a Summer Business Training program. The work-study jobs are entry-level clerical positions that can range from scanning or filing documents at a law firm, preparing and assembling presentation materials for an advertising agency, or answering phones at a university. Here’s a complete list of our PWSP job descriptions that our students can fulfill at your company. Cristo Rey transports students to and from your offices. We also train students in general professional office skills and provide ongoing supervisory support.

Nationally, almost 2,000 large and small businesses, hospitals, universities and not-for-profit associations have participated in the Cristo Rey Professional Work-Study Program by providing entry-level clerical jobs for our students.

The Cristo Rey Professional Work Study Program is a proven program that serves as both a major source of funding and as an opportunity for the students to gain professional work experience. Cristo Rey Columbus serves economically disadvantaged students exclusively. Students assign their work-study earnings to Cristo Rey Columbus High School to pay for a significant portion of the cost of their education. The PWSP is a unique experience that allows students to receive a private, college preparatory education they previously could not afford while also gaining valuable job – and life – experience.

The Professional Work Study Program provides our students the opportunity to balance academic and work experiences with this unique funding aspect. This model also benefits your company by providing a less expensive alternative to hiring an entry-level employee without the burden of administrative overhead. Moreover, your organization also will reap the benefits of motivated, enthusiastic young workers, a diversified workforce, and the enormous satisfaction that comes from positively impacting a young person’s life.

If you believe in providing a quality education to all youth and in future workforce development, please join us! Contact Jim Foley, Cristo Rey Columbus High School President, at 614-223-9261, ext. 12000 or jfoley@cristoreycolumbus.org.